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I had absolutely terrible experiences ordering an e-bike from this company. They sold a defective item to me, then when I requested a return I was required to pay the return costs.

I did not see a reason why I had to be responsible for the return-cost which is more than $100. This defective item is sitting in my apartment with absolutely no use now. They advertise that the item is protected by a 30 day-warranty, but their technician was never available, and the customer support didn't know where he was nor when he would be available. It took six days just to solve the first issue: turning the start key, and their solution was literally physically bending the key.

Then when I first rode the bike, after 20 minutes it completely stopped working, and their technician never got back to me. That's how they used up warranty term. Their warranty was a joke. Also the rear rack was missing from the original box, and when they sent it to me later the package was unbelievably poorly sealed and parts were missing again.

They never sent the missing parts. Honestly I can't believe that it's legal for a company to operate this way in the US.

Product or Service Mentioned: Extreme Scooters Bicycle.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



Don't buy from this RIPOFF company. They WILL NOT properly warranty ANY of their PARTS.

I purchased a replacement battery, $289. After, 4 Returned Defective batteries, Gary, the "MORON" warehouse "Manager" refused to continue any further warranty of the DEFECTIVE battery. Now, I'M STUCK with a defective battery at a $289 cost and a bike I CAN'T USE ANY LONGER. This COMPANY stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am one PISSED OFF, now, a former X-Treme Scooters consumer. Ronald Reyna Tucson, Arizona

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